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Repairs Reporting
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Please use the form below to specify the nature of the problem in as much detail as you can. This will help us to help you as quickly as we can and we will be in touch with you soon, depending on the nature of the repair and we will aim to respond according to the four catergories listed underneath the form.

Repairs Reporting Form
Your Name: Email:
Date Today: Time:
Reported Before: Yes No Do not know When:
Reported By: To Who:
Property Address:
Tenant Name: Contact:
Priority: 24 Hours 48 Hours 5 Working Days 30 Working Days Specified Below
Completed: will receive an email copy of this form.
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There are four categories of repair;

Emergency (within 24 hours)

For our Out of Hours service, this would normally be a "make-safe" option until we can arrange for a permanent fix to be done. This is when:

  • The repair presents an immediate danger, such as loose or falling brickwork, gas leaks, electrical faults likely to cause shock or fire and total loss of power.
  • Further damage will be caused if the repair is delayed¬† e.g. burst pipes, severe roof damage
  • The repair is a potential health hazard, i.e. drainage problems causing waste water to back up or flood entrance paths, or communal staircase lighting
Urgent (within 48 hours)
  • Faults causing considerable inconvenience or risk, such as a blown fuse to an electrical circuit, loose or damaged stair tread or hand rail, defective multi-point or central heating boiler, loss of staircase lighting, non flushing WC, blockages to sink/bath/basin unless these are stand alone sinks or basins and the blockage is caused by food waste, soap scum or hair.
Essential (within 5 working days)
  • Minor structural faults likely to create further damage in the short term, such as missing or slipped slates, dripping pipe or waste.
  • Front entrance or fire door needing easing and adjusting.
  • All other essential repairs
Routine (within 30 working days)
  • All other non-essential repairs

If you need an emergency repair you should telephone 020 8884 5050 rather than reporting your repair online. If the emergency repair is out of office hours a specific contact number will be indicated in the answer phone message.