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Service Users & Tenants
Landlord Services - Service Users & Tenants - Local Authorities & Referral Agencies
Become a Tenant - Paying Rent - Repairs Reporting - Have Your Say - Advice & Support

Oak Tree Care Services provides a range of housing solutions for young people, single adults and families. In addition to providing accommodation, property management and housing related services, specialist support teams are also available to deal with any assessed support and care requirements, with a view to helping people make informed decisions, live more independently and sustain their accommodation needs.

In this section we aim to provide you with most of the initial and on-going information you will require, including:

Below is a quick explanation of the what you will find in each section...

Become a Tenant
Explanation of the requirements for becoming a tenant and an online application form to join the waiting list.

Paying Rent
Details of the ways to pay rent and how to establish what your payments should be as well as other useful information.

Repairs Reporting
A form for notifying us of any repairs that are required.

Have Your Say
A form allowing tenants to voice their opinions on any matters or notify us of any issues.

Advice & Support
Numerous links to useful websites offering advice on important matters.

To ensure that your accommodation and property needs are met, all service users and tenants will be assessed to ascertain eligibility and their requirements, to ensure that our accommodation and service provisions remain appropriate and relevant to their needs. Monitoring and support will be on-going throughout the tenancy and will vary according to the assessed and agreed requirement.

This support provided includes access to property, tenancy advice, benefit claims assistance and housing related support. An overview/summary of the support provided is supplied in each section but it is by no means exhaustive or limited to the information displayed.

As we further develop our services and website, relevant information will be added on a regular basis. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the details on the Contact Us page.